Always a Camera: What I Pack

Hey Wanderlust’ers and Travellers ♥

So before I always go on a trip (big or small!) I find myself always looking into what others have taken with them, what they wish they forgot and the little things they couldn’t have lived without. I would, now, like to contribute back 😀 Some may find this utterly fascinating and really helpful, while others wish they got a portion of the life back after reading.

My only disclaimer is that I am a woman and we have different needs. My partner would travel the with the clothes on his back and his phone charger. I do think I’m quite minimalist, but also realistic. Yes, I want mascara for that one nice dinner we might* have! but I don’t need 3 kilos of cosmetics 🙂 Enjoy, and please write down your comments and suggestions below– would love to hear what works for you!

Packing Lists:

 My Must-Haves For Travel

 Day Hike, Switzerland

 Tea House Trek, Nepal

One Month Backpacking, Southeast Asia







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