Worst Travel Blogger Award.

And the winner is... Me! I learnt very quickly that I do not have the patience to write regular posts on my mobile. Yes, mobile phone. Here I am trying to make an honest go of something and I don't even come prepared. There is a reason some bring laptops. I had brought an old … Continue reading Worst Travel Blogger Award.


4000 hills and counting. Rwanda.

16. Oct. 2017 Disclaimer: It's a long one! A thousand frank moto-taxi ride and three security checks. Exit stamp. Rwanda, done! We opted for a flight to Tanzania to save three days of bus travel and are headed to Kilimanjaro International. Rwanda was calm, beautiful and somewhere I will definitely appreciate more once I've left. … Continue reading 4000 hills and counting. Rwanda.

India in 128 hours.

This evening, my father and I rediscovered our mutual interest in India and everything Bollywood. Eating a Thai Red Curry for dinner with movie song clips playing on Youtube made for interesting dinner conversation. We commented that both of our recent trips were somewhat inspired by various scenes that we have seen in recent-ish Bollywood … Continue reading India in 128 hours.

Monkeys and Crowds: Machhapuchhare Base Camp.

10th Nov, 15. Machhapuchhare Base Camp. We've made it to our Base Camp, the first of two. I'm not sure if it's just a trekker-tourist thing but the mountain which is the Base Camp's namesake, Machhapuchhare Mountain, ironically is not allowed to be summited as it is sacred. This morning we spiced things up for … Continue reading Monkeys and Crowds: Machhapuchhare Base Camp.