Kahawa. Tanzania.

So it turns out that coffee begins its life as a little berry. Nobody mentions that when you throwin' back cups of joe at 2 am during the university days. In the past few years, I have come to appreciate the caffeine as my job strongly encourages it. Cappuccino, latte, flat white, espresso macchiato. Take … Continue reading Kahawa. Tanzania.


Jungles, Rainforest and Volcanoes! The DRC. 

My last update we just after we entered Rwanda before we made it over to the DR Congo. We decided to make the most of our gorilla experience and see the massive primates in Virunga National Park. We decided to do a 4-day tour, which allowed us to also climb a massive volcano!  From our … Continue reading Jungles, Rainforest and Volcanoes! The DRC. 

Trekking in Bhutan: A Snapshot

3500m Thangthangka. <- 24th March There were a few rocks today. Or it could be that I keep squatting like an Asian person... but my knees are kinda sore. And just because we've had good weather and no major problems- Blisters. Seriously? My boots are already 4 years old. I told my guide, Pema, that … Continue reading Trekking in Bhutan: A Snapshot