Kahawa. Tanzania.

So it turns out that coffee begins its life as a little berry. Nobody mentions that when you throwin' back cups of joe at 2 am during the university days. In the past few years, I have come to appreciate the caffeine as my job strongly encourages it. Cappuccino, latte, flat white, espresso macchiato. Take … Continue reading Kahawa. Tanzania.


4000 hills and counting. Rwanda.

16. Oct. 2017 Disclaimer: It's a long one! A thousand frank moto-taxi ride and three security checks. Exit stamp. Rwanda, done! We opted for a flight to Tanzania to save three days of bus travel and are headed to Kilimanjaro International. Rwanda was calm, beautiful and somewhere I will definitely appreciate more once I've left. … Continue reading 4000 hills and counting. Rwanda.

Jungles, Rainforest and Volcanoes! The DRC. 

My last update we just after we entered Rwanda before we made it over to the DR Congo. We decided to make the most of our gorilla experience and see the massive primates in Virunga National Park. We decided to do a 4-day tour, which allowed us to also climb a massive volcano!  From our … Continue reading Jungles, Rainforest and Volcanoes! The DRC. 

India in 128 hours.

This evening, my father and I rediscovered our mutual interest in India and everything Bollywood. Eating a Thai Red Curry for dinner with movie song clips playing on Youtube made for interesting dinner conversation. We commented that both of our recent trips were somewhat inspired by various scenes that we have seen in recent-ish Bollywood … Continue reading India in 128 hours.

Touching Canvas – A Diary From the Inka Trail

One of my favourite accounts of hiking the Inca Trail by a fellow group member. Enjoy!

Seafaring Sausages


 Woke up early. Hair like Jack Nicholson. 24 hour reception at hotel closed. Smoked. H. advised against it. Muttered something about work, play and dull boys. Showered. Cleaned teeth. Pounded on door of 24 hour reception until we woke someone up. Left backpacks in the room where other people’s bags got water damaged. Checked day bag for final time. Smoked. Waited. H. went to toilet for fourth time. Smoked. Doorbell rang, our bus had arrived. Guy’s name: Pedro. Fact that he was out of breath from climbing hill to hostel gave me some hope. Smoked.

On bus, other trekkers arrived with own walking poles and those camel pack drinking sacks that sit in your day bag. Everyone else was very thin + younger than us. Felt underprepared and unfit. Bus left Cusco through some particularly deprived areas. Our guide introduced himself as Freddie. We rented walking poles. Slept for…

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