India in 128 Hours. P2.

Continuing last week's post of my time in India; we continue after I returned from my two weeks in Bhutan. Arriving into a city that I was already vaguely familiar with, made getting to the hostel much less stressful. I would take the Airport Express until the New Delhi station and switch for the Hauz … Continue reading India in 128 Hours. P2.


Building the Excitement! East Africa ’17

It's the final countdown! In just a few weeks, my boyfriend and I will head on our next legit backpacking trip to East and Southern Africa! It has actually been a few years since we've done one together, South America being the last. We've been lucky enough to do a few trips individually over the … Continue reading Building the Excitement! East Africa ’17

Bhutan for the Backpacker: My Experience

Bhutan is a magical place, one that many travellers can only dream about. Wanting to make the most of my opportunity, my two weeks could not have more perfect! I left with new friends, a wealth of Buddhist knowledge and hunger for more. Friendly, respectful and outgoing, the Bhutanese welcomed me with open arms. Thangthangka, … Continue reading Bhutan for the Backpacker: My Experience

Flashback: Bumpy Trains and Ginger Salad.

09. Feb. 16 -> Somewhere between Goteik + Hsipaw Well, I'll start by saying that it's not that bad! We're at the point where the train is still swaying but atleast not bouncing! The first hour was definitely the worst! We were literally jumping off our seats! However, its become particularly enjoyable now! In February … Continue reading Flashback: Bumpy Trains and Ginger Salad.

Flashback : Buff Momos and Nepal

25.10.2014- Elburus Home, Kathmandu Today is our first full day in KTM, but something tell me that it's not the "real" Nepal - this weekend is the last of Dasain (celebrating the Duiga's victory of evil) - the last few days bring in the New Year (Newari New Year). Consequently, 90% of the shops and … Continue reading Flashback : Buff Momos and Nepal

24 Hours in Zermatt: I have to get there first.

So as the summer is winding down in the tourist mecca of Interlaken, I finally had myself three days free from work. I was leaving the nest! Although Switzerland is as central Europe as it gets, leaving can sometimes be hard sans Car. With options limited to the Swiss trains, I decided to head to … Continue reading 24 Hours in Zermatt: I have to get there first.