Jungles, Rainforest and Volcanoes! The DRC. 

My last update we just after we entered Rwanda before we made it over to the DR Congo. We decided to make the most of our gorilla experience and see the massive primates in Virunga National Park. We decided to do a 4-day tour, which allowed us to also climb a massive volcano!  From our … Continue reading Jungles, Rainforest and Volcanoes! The DRC. 


Monkeys and Crowds: Machhapuchhare Base Camp.

10th Nov, 15. Machhapuchhare Base Camp. We've made it to our Base Camp, the first of two. I'm not sure if it's just a trekker-tourist thing but the mountain which is the Base Camp's namesake, Machhapuchhare Mountain, ironically is not allowed to be summited as it is sacred. This morning we spiced things up for … Continue reading Monkeys and Crowds: Machhapuchhare Base Camp.

Trekking in Bhutan: A Snapshot

3500m Thangthangka. <- 24th March There were a few rocks today. Or it could be that I keep squatting like an Asian person... but my knees are kinda sore. And just because we've had good weather and no major problems- Blisters. Seriously? My boots are already 4 years old. I told my guide, Pema, that … Continue reading Trekking in Bhutan: A Snapshot

Tea House Trek ¦ Nepal

  ∗Important Note: This list, more than the others, will be heavily dependent on the time of year that you go, and to which region. We hiked to Annapurna Base Camp, during Mid November. We didn't employ porters.∗  Clothing: Thermals: My pants I purchased in Pokhara and I also brought a long-sleeve light-weight thermal that … Continue reading Tea House Trek ¦ Nepal

Trying to travel write but without Words…?

Well, here I am a month later and no blog post. I would like to use work as my excuse but... it's not really one! It has finally taken a rainy day, three cups of tea and inspiration from past travel photos to tell myself that I might as well keep going... if nothing other … Continue reading Trying to travel write but without Words…?