Flashback : Swiss Day in Chile

This place deservees its own chapter! So far we’ve kayaked, biked, hiked & hiked some more! Its amazing how much this [place] has to offer!

After digging out an old travel diary (not that I have any other kind) i found an entry that I had written on 01. Aug. 2013 – Swiss National Day. At the time I was in Chile, South America and I found it ironic that all the activites I was doing at the time were very similiar to what I would of been doing back home. The World is a magical place.

Happy Swiss Day! — Aug 1st 2013!

Well it’s been a while since an update but we totally under-estimated how much there was to do here! (Puerto Varas)

Our adventure into Chile was just like any border crossing- but in the most spectacular scenery! We went over the Uspallata pass- following the historic (and discunftional) railway line. It was pretty cool to see the old buildings and the places where old water stations used to be! I loved it, and I think I have more photos of the railway line than the mountains.


It was gorgeous! The road was a tad narly on the Chilean side- but as usual organised! There was no guard rails or speed limit, but I’m pretty sure the Andes’ God was watching over, making sure everyone takes it hella easy on the 30something switchbacks. Our driver atleast stopped for photos! The border itself was hell straight forward, you could tell that the buses got pushed through super quick. Semis [semi-truck trailer] however, had days wait. The que was atleast a 100 trucks long!

Santiago reminded me of BKK. Atleast the smell anyways! There was street food everywhere outside the bus stations. Straight up- they made it sound like the bus stations were miles apart. Realistically, they all faced each other on the same street. It was just a matter of finding all the TURBUSs lined up 🙂 We only had a few hours to kill before we brought a night bus down to Puerto Varas ❤

This place deservees its own chapter! So far we’ve kayaked, biked, hiked & hiked some more! Its amazing how much this [place] has to offer! We[‘re] both locked in [to] the fact that we’ll have to come back in summer at some point. There’s just too many mountains to climb and lakes to see! Our first day here we did a full day kayak on a close lake to here- the arms were definitely sore afterwards! So what did we do the following day? A full 70 km  ride to Frutillar! A small town with big German flare! To be honest, the ride was more exciting than the town but “bloody” hard. We did manage to ride the whole though (on the way there) and walked up some hills on the way back. But it was not easy!

The last two days we’ve been getting some hiking in – today we went up beside the Volcan Osorno. Great views of the lake we kayaked on but unfortunately clouds covered the tops!


Hopefully tomorrow we’re going to head for a bike ride with the hostel owner!

🙂 Still in Puerto Varas <- Aug 3rd ❤

Our first rainy day here but it feels amazing to still be here! Honestly, I don’t think either of us want to leave (still so many trails to explore!) – we’re both being really indecisive about where we are going next!

Ironically, after spending a week in Puerto Varas, we made our way up to Pucón and spending another week in the mountains 🙂

We both know there is so much left to explore here. We’re both loving the mountains. Although we had both came here the intention of snowboarding – I think that idea has been properly scrapped! [We did end up going in Pucón!]. Too many Europeans we’ve met said its more a novality than a proper “snow experience”. Yesterday, … we ended up going for a killer bike ride with the hostel owner near the Volcan Osorno. We smashed it on the road for about 15km and then this crazy down-hill track through the buses! It was my first time doing (what I call) proper downhill track!

It was definitely a treat getting to spend time in some of Chile’s national parks around Volcan Osorno. It’s such a beautiful place, unspoilt place! We lucked out on the time of year we went, although at the beginning of winter, and had most of the hiking trails to ourselves! Because of the winter weather, we didn’t get to the Argentinian Patagonia however, and weren’t able to complete any of the big name treks! Just another excuse to head back 😀