India in 128 Hours. P2.

Continuing last week's post of my time in India; we continue after I returned from my two weeks in Bhutan. Arriving into a city that I was already vaguely familiar with, made getting to the hostel much less stressful. I would take the Airport Express until the New Delhi station and switch for the Hauz … Continue reading India in 128 Hours. P2.


India in 128 hours.

This evening, my father and I rediscovered our mutual interest in India and everything Bollywood. Eating a Thai Red Curry for dinner with movie song clips playing on Youtube made for interesting dinner conversation. We commented that both of our recent trips were somewhat inspired by various scenes that we have seen in recent-ish Bollywood … Continue reading India in 128 hours.

Monkeys and Crowds: Machhapuchhare Base Camp.

10th Nov, 15. Machhapuchhare Base Camp. We've made it to our Base Camp, the first of two. I'm not sure if it's just a trekker-tourist thing but the mountain which is the Base Camp's namesake, Machhapuchhare Mountain, ironically is not allowed to be summited as it is sacred. This morning we spiced things up for … Continue reading Monkeys and Crowds: Machhapuchhare Base Camp.

Trekking in Bhutan: A Snapshot

3500m Thangthangka. <- 24th March There were a few rocks today. Or it could be that I keep squatting like an Asian person... but my knees are kinda sore. And just because we've had good weather and no major problems- Blisters. Seriously? My boots are already 4 years old. I told my guide, Pema, that … Continue reading Trekking in Bhutan: A Snapshot

Bhutan for the Backpacker: My Experience

Bhutan is a magical place, one that many travellers can only dream about. Wanting to make the most of my opportunity, my two weeks could not have more perfect! I left with new friends, a wealth of Buddhist knowledge and hunger for more. Friendly, respectful and outgoing, the Bhutanese welcomed me with open arms. Thangthangka, … Continue reading Bhutan for the Backpacker: My Experience

2- Wheeled Escapades: Kathmandu to Daman.

Classic but gruelling on-road ride over a 2488m pass, culminating with incomparable Himalayan views at Daman. The ride begins on the Kathmandu- Pokhara Hwy, which gives the only access to the valley. After leaving the valley, the highway descends to Naubise, at the base of the Mahesh Khola Valley, 27km from Kathmandu. ... Start a … Continue reading 2- Wheeled Escapades: Kathmandu to Daman.

Chasing Temples: My Review of Bagan’s Most Exclusive Activity

8th Feb 2016 ⇒ Somewhere on the Irrawaddy River Well, I have checked off another box on my bucket list. On Sunday I flew over the Bagan Temples with Oriental Ballooning. Out pilot, Ravi, was British trained and had been flying for over 30 years. Definitely received the best service for any activity I've done … Continue reading Chasing Temples: My Review of Bagan’s Most Exclusive Activity

Flashback: Bumpy Trains and Ginger Salad.

09. Feb. 16 -> Somewhere between Goteik + Hsipaw Well, I'll start by saying that it's not that bad! We're at the point where the train is still swaying but atleast not bouncing! The first hour was definitely the worst! We were literally jumping off our seats! However, its become particularly enjoyable now! In February … Continue reading Flashback: Bumpy Trains and Ginger Salad.