a little about me:

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” – St. Augustine

 Being an avid reader, I felt as though I could always relate to that quote. Countries are chapters, cities are paragraphes and the cultural is between the lines. Some people rush through the chapters, only scraping the surface and others spend long periods of time trying to truly understand what is in front of them.

I have no idea if that made sense. But all these websites tell me to “start with a quote” so to “make a wow About Me page”. My name is Monika, and for a while I have thought that my life is like a game of dominos. Getting me where I am today, I can trace each move to a “moment”, like I flipped a coin in the Game of Life. Any other decision would have put me down a different path. I can trace this back to getting my passport at 18 years old, and that decision based on sheer wanderlust. I was in my first year at College with a ten-year plan.

I grew up with a large family, with its members spread out around the Globe. Before Skype; the regular calls to Australia, Europe and America would be talked about for weeks. I actually remember when my dad got Skype to speak to my brother, living in Australia, for the first time. We had dial-up internet and less than 1 million Skype users to compete with. Last I checked (a few years ago) Skype had easily cracked the 22 million mark. Skype then quickly spread through the family, leaving the older family members in Switzerland to sort out why the “internet” was so important. Nothing had changed much in 40 years. In 2010, I re-discovered that upon my first trip to Switzerland.

The best thing about having family members living in various countries is that it constantly reminded us that there was more out there. The “should-be” family unions were always discussed, and spending a few hours travelling to see someone for lunch was expected. Ironically, I’ve almost always lived in small towns, the kind home to a few citizens who have never felt the need to leave the post code area. I think the contrast has always fed my desire to travel.

With the gracious privilege of being a dual citizen, I have always tried to make the most it!

I suddenly found the inspiration to blog about all things Travel after purchasing Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing. Expert Advice from the World’s Leading Travel Publisher (George, 2013, Lonely Planet Publications). I read an interview about a writer who always used to keep diaries about her adventures and choose to get into travel-writing as a natural progression. Eureka! I totally sound like that! I have pages filled with everything to a daily scribble of what I had for dinner, to a 4 page epic on a packing drama. Couldn’t I turn it into something as well? I just hope I can write enough to keep those intrigued!

I don’t know how about of this About Me is actually going to be about me but I want my blog to be about my travels: my inspirations, my adventures and my (hopefully) not-so-many misfortunes. Feel free to ask me anything- about places I’ve been or even want to go… I am happy to share my opinion and listen to yours! Think I’m interesting enough? Please share and tell your friends !!

Home is where you make it ❤

1 thought on “a little about me:”

  1. Your ‘about page’ is an interesting read 😀 You’ve got a beautiful blog and it’s funny to find another Monika who’s also living in Switzerland! 🙂 xox


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