Switzerland’s Most Photogenic Valley?

19. April. 2016, Interlaken BE

Spring is certainly in the air. After three days of cold, windy rain the skies opened this morning to shine light on the changing surroundings! Green grass, trees blooming and the smell of the forest’s winter dampness slowly disappearing.

Just three weeks ago, I rode from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, a small village at the base of the Lauterbrunnen valley- Nature’s largest bathtub. It was cold and overcast, with the sun barely strong enough to break through the trees. Drinking foundations, bringing life around them, lie dormate from winter. I stopped just outside of Lauterbrunnen on the trail to take some photos, realising later that they were yellow and dull. Winter had taken its toll and the spring rains hadn’t come yet.

Today I choose the same route, but continued further down the valley to the paragliding mecca of Stechelberg. Although the trail is a continuous climb from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, the ride to Stechelberg is a cruisy one. The valley hugs you on both sides, but the 70+ waterfalls are the constant reminder that there is life above these walls. Every few minutes, paragliders dizzily fly down from the small town of Murren, located 800m above the valley floor.

Today was especially beautiful, as the recent rains had bought in fresh snow at the high elevations, covering the bare rock that protrudes in the summer months. Fresh water fills the watering holes and although the mountains won’t stay this serene for very long, it did make them look especially beautiful.



Looking up at the Schwarzmönch

Looking up at the Schwarzmönch 

Springtime in Gsteigweiler, looking towards Beatenberg.

Springtime in Gsteigweiler, looking towards Beatenberg.

Summer 2015 - Looking North through the Valley

Summer 2015 – Looking North through the Valley


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